Join our U3A

Applying for Membership for the First Time

If you are thinking about joining Haddenham U3A, but would like to discuss it further, please click here to obtain the contact details of the Committee members. Any of them will be pleased to discuss our organisation with you.

The current annual membership subscription is £16.00.

Prospective members are invited to contact the Membership Secretary, Chris Collins, either by phone (01844 291909), or by email (  Applicants will be asked to complete a membership application form to be returned to the Membership Secretary together with a payment of £16.00 per person, preferably by Standing Order.  Once enrolled, new members will have access to all activities.

The membership application form can be downloaded by clicking on the link following 

Haddenham U3A Application Form


Paying U3A

Haddenham U3A welcomes payments using internet banking.    

Subscriptions only:           40-52-40       00021010, with “subscription” as the reference   

Outings, trips and events: 40-52-40      00021010, with the event name as the reference

Any queries, please contact the U3A Treasurer, David Ackroyd, on 01844 292393 or 

Haddenham U3A is a registered Charity; registration number 1165358

Renewing your Membership for 2018-19

Haddenham U3A memberships expire on March 31st 2018.

During March you will receive a personalised Renewal Form which you need to check and sign. This must then be returned to Chris Collins with the appropriate remittance if you do not pay by Standing Order (our preferred method) or BACS.

The preferred method of payment is by Standing Order to CAF Bank; sort code 40-52-40; account number 00021010.   If you already pay by standing order,  you still need to complete and return the renewal form.

If you decide NOT to renew, please notify Chris Collins on 01844 291909 or


Gift Aid

If you are a UK taxpayer and eligible to Gift Aid your donation, please complete a declaration form.  This will increase your gift by 25p for every £1 given at no extra cost to you or us. A couple can elect to Gift Aid their subscriptions individually or as a Joint payment. The latter is preferable if only one payee is a taxpayer as all of the contribution is then subject to Gift Aid.Thank you.


Contact for membership queries, subscriptions, standing orders and gift aid are:

Chris Collins, U3A Membership Secretary,  01844 291909,

“Hill View”, 37 Churchway, Haddenham HP17 8HB